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Conversion Factors
Kilograms x 2.2046 
Pounds x 0.4536 
Miles x 1.609 
KM x 0.6215 
US Gallon x 0.8323 
CDN Gallon x 1.2 
US Gallons x 3.7854 
Litres x 0.26417 
CDN Gallons x 4.546 
Litres x 0.21997 

= Pounds
= Kilograms
= KM
= Miles
= CDN Gallon
= US Gallon
= Litres
= US Gallons
= Litres
= CDN Gallons

Kilograms Pounds
Pounds Kilograms
Miles Kilometers
Kilometers Miles
US Gallons Litres
Litres US Gallons
US Gallons CDN Gallons
CDN Gallons US Gallons
CDN Gallons Litres
Litres CDN Gallons